AGSurfaces are manufactured in two basic methods:

  • Ribbon surfaces are made from strips of glass fused together to form a solid surface. Ribbons are ideal for furniture, counter tops and partitions.
  • Diamond and Crush surfaces are made from crushed and broken shards of glass, then heated to an almost a liquid state and subsequently cooled to create a versatile and unique product.  Crushed glass slabs can also be used for flooring (particularly in the heavier textured finish) as well as counters and furniture.

Every Surface is hand-cast and is unique, therefore we need some basic size information.  See the attached order entry form to ensure you provide us with the information required for a successful order.
Physical characteristics of our AGSurfaces:
Length = up to 168” (4,267 mm).
Width = up to 54” (1270 mm).
Thickness = min 1/2” (12mm) to max 2” (50mm). The most common thicknesses are 1” (25 mm) and 1-¼ “ (30-32 mm). Variability is inherent in the process and the finished thickness may vary by 5 to 10%.
Weight: Glass has a density of approximately 15 lbs. per Sq/Ft at 1-1/4” thick (2400–2800 kg/m3 )
AGSurfaces are highly visually impactful and extremely beautiful; remember they are also very heavy.  Our Interstyle Customer Experience Professionals will work with you to ensure that logistics, transport, fabrication and the installation of your one of a kind art piece will go smoothly.