Tunney's Pasture Station - Derek Root Artwork

Tunney’s Pasture Station

Case Study

Project Name:
Tunney’s Pasture Station

Ottawa, Ontario

Contractors and Architects:
Jacques Lamont Ltd., BBB Architects

Derek Root

Photo Credit:
City of Ottawa

Gradient Space includes two large-scale glass mosaic wall murals on each side of the platform.
6000 sq ft – more than 1.000.000 glass tiles made by Interstyle.

Gradient Space takes its inspiration from the phenomenon of light refraction. The title of the artwork refers to the effect of color gradation that sometimes appears when light passes and refracts through a form made of glass.

Glass is the principal material. The mosaic wall mural is constructed using vibrant glass tiles. The design employs vertical bands of color gradients that are overlapped by diagonal bands of color gradients. The gradation of angled tones gives a sense of movement and energy to the transit space.

108 custom colors. Each section is a blend of the same colors in different shades. Movement is also given by the different finishes and textures that enhance the energy of the gradient. Each sheet was assembled by our Robot-X technology in a customized pattern with a 30-degree angle matching the staircase.

Very detailed guidelines made the installation easier.
Each sheet was face mounted and labeled according to the color scheme of each section of the station.

A word from the artist:
“For the mosaic design at Tunney’s Pasture Station I wanted to create a high impact artwork through the use of bright and vibrant color combinations. I worked closely with the design team at Interstyle to make many custom colors with the perfect matte texture for the glass tile. Their attention to detail throughout every stage of the project was exemplary.”
– Derek Root

A word from the contractor:
“Working with Interstyle was a charm! We received a very professional and detailed shop drawing with sufficient overage of material to allow us to go above and beyond with our customer.
They kept us appraise at every steps of the design process. The quality of the material was impeccable and very well mounted. Their attitude was cordial and accommodating.
They are a very professional Canadian company. We would work with them again .”
– Vincent Lamont at Jacques Lamont Ltd.