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Vancouver Convention Centre

Vancouver Convention Center

In 2008/09 artist Derek Root was selected to design the 3200 square foot floor of the Vancouver Convention Center. He met with Interstyle, articulating a vision for the floor using several versions of small watercolors. Our task was to interpret Derek's vision through a large floor mosaic, using recycled materials, and within a very short deadline.

The design and finishes of the Convention Center had to meet the LEED Platinum certification, the highest standard available at the time. There would be a green roof, complete with bees and honey collection; all of the waste water generated in the building is treated and recycled for use in toilets and green roof irrigation. For our part, we had to hunt for discarded low iron glass in order to make the exacting colours required for the project. We used leftovers and offcuts - a perfect raw material for tiles.

Next we created a colour palette for Derek’s approved. In the end, 72 custom colours of tiles were created to complete a mosaic of half a million 1×1 floor tiles finished in our proprietary Trumpet pattern.
Once the tiles were made, the balance of the project required huge amounts of organization. The tiles were assembled into a 12x12 grid pattern, and each piece was individually laid and verified by Interstyle personnel. Each sheet was carefully catalogued, located on a matrix and packaged so that installers found the first sheet needed for installation on the top of the top box of the first pallet; it was important to know that there was no chance that installers would not be able to follow the complicated pattern designed for the installation of the project.

When the job was finished, a dedication plaque was mounted at the foot of the escalators. We were honored to find that of the thousands of companies and contractors who dedicated their talent and expertise to the Vancouver Convention Center, Interstyle is the only company to be mentioned by name.



Vancouver Convention Centre, BC


Interstyle Solution:

Custom 1" glass tile mosaic with almost 100 unique colors and 500,000 individual tiles



Derek Root



Clive Grout



MCM Architects, LMN Architects, DA Architects

Vancouver Convention Centre Project
Vancouver Convention Centre
Vancouver Convention Centre
Vancouver Convention Centre
Vancouver Convention Centre
Vancouver Convention Centre