Icestix Installation


10 striking color blends of glass strips combining a variety of textures and finishes – available as glass tile mosaics, mesh-mounted on sheets.

Size: ½”x6”, 4 mm thick
Assemblies: straight, running bond, random stagger

For wet areas, please specify 'face-mounted'.


  • walls
  • wet
  • frost proof
  • interior exterior
  • samples may vary

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All sizes are nominal inches as we make all of your tile to exact size in metric and convert to the nearest inch +/-. Please do call to confirm exact sizes if required.

Color samples are a true indication of the final color on your order. However, you can expect some color variation in all fired tile products. We batch produce all of our glass tile per order. The amount of iron in the glass will vary case lot to case lot (even in low-iron glass), the ceramic glazes are all mixed per order based on the quantity required; both of which do affect the final hue and tone of the color produced. We do strongly recommend ordering 10-15% overage per order to avoid being short on an installation. Reorders will not be from the same production run and will have slight variance in color.