Innovate with sustainable glass

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Hand-crafted with 100% recycled glass, blended with clay and porcelain for extra durability.

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earthenGlass for interior - bathroom floor
earthenGlass for exterior - pool and spa
earthenGlass for residential - bathroom backsplash
earthenGlass for commercial spaces - Sherbourne Station

Make a difference. Commit to the environment with Earthenglass™.

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earthenGLASS sizes and shapes

Perfect for walls and high traffic floor applications.

earthenGLASS earthly colors
Earthly hues
earthenGLASS triangles
New triangles
earthenGLASS crater texture
Crater texture
earthenGLASS Modular sizes
Modular sizes

earthenGLASS perfect for pools

Created by hand replacing ceramic tile for new style and helping the environment.

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