Interstyle experts have mixed upwards of 15,000 colors.

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Glass tile pioneer Interstyle manufactures custom creations in their ColorLAB, a Vancouver-based studio that can create any color on demand. Boasting a selection of more than 179 curated colors, Interstyle invites designers to collaborate with ColorLAB technicians for exact color-matching to fit any project palette.

Led by resident color artist Tiffanee Scorer, ColorLAB is a hands-on environment where color experts mix, match, and blend refined ceramic components to develop an expansive chromatic glass library of formulas and samples. Their work is a blend of art and science—achieving a spectacular range of hues that are unmatched anywhere.

“I think we’re at 15,300 color tests in the record book, and every time I’m making a test for a new color, I add to that,” Scorer says, noting that she always looks forward to innovative requests from clients. Interstyle’s color collection is the most comprehensive of any glass manufacturer.

Interstyle experts have mixed upwards of 15,000 colors.

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