Mosaic Inspiration

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Mosaic Inspiration

2019 Mosaic Inspiration

Interstyle is making it fast and easy to create breathtaking mosaic installations for your project. The combination of color and pattern add life to any surface.

Gradation mosaic
Custom pattern mosaic
Custom pattern
Mural mosaic
Random blend mosaic
Random blend

Contact us directly with your project and let us work through the details to bring your vision to life.

Mural mosaic - bring your vision to life

Lead time 3 to 4 weeks.

Design your space with Mosaic Planner!

6 Mosaic Patterns

Grazed - 1/2 x 6 gradation mosaic
Vibrations - 1x1 gradation mosaic
Strata - 1x1 gradation mosaic
Unbent - 3 color 1x1 mosaic
Street View - 2 color 1x1 mosaic
Street View
Quilted - 2 color 1x1 mosaic
Grazed mosaic
Grazed mosaic
Custom pattern
Custom pattern

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