A virtual oasis of color, the glass mosaic adds an aesthetic and uplifting touch to the atmosphere.


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Interstyle is making it fast and easy to create breathtaking mosaic installations for your project.

The ultimate juxtaposition between Artisan/Maker and technology, Interstyle professionals work directly with you to design, make and assemble captivating mosaics for your project. Through a combination of artistry and state-of-the art RobotX automation, you are able to envision your installation before you commit to the final design. Choose your selection of unique colors from the widest palette in the industry; with hundreds of colors to choose from.

The combination of color and pattern add life to any surface.

Glass tile is a truly unique medium with which to render a living-wall in your space. The transparent glass, with the vibrant color on a separate layer creates a perception of depth unparalleled with traditional tile.

Contact us directly with your project and let us work through the details to bring you vision to life.


Inspirational mosaics specially curated by our design team, Interstyle’s mosaic designs are ready to go on your wall or floor installation. Order samples today!

Custom Mosaic

Build your custom mosaic with us!

Make your own mosaicmake your own art

We would love to work with you and make your mosaic vision come to life. Use our color palette and work with our designers to create an amazing installation!

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Our fabulous Mosaic Design team would love to work with you on your installation. Contact us directly to start your project.