Pool design made easy!

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Pool design made easy!

Lighthouse Park Pool Project

With seemingly endless combinations of tile colour, pattern, size, and texture, the pool you imagine can become a reality, but where to begin?

“Our design process typically begins with a detailed review of the client’s architectural drawings, dimensions, and any pool inspiration images and details they’ve collected,” explains Gabriella Equizi, our head Designer at Interstyle.

“Based on that information, we can brainstorm ideas and conduct any research to help turn that dream into reality. Next steps include selecting the product – the sizes, colours, finishes, and textures that best match vision and meet any design or budget constraints, leading to renderings that help visualize how it all comes together.”

Once the design is approved and finalized production files are created and tile is produced on-demand. The team also prepares detailed installation guidelines, which helps guide the pool contractor team and ensure an efficient, seamless installation process on site.

One of our team’s dream projects – and a great example that ourcombines form and function – is this stunning indoor pool in West Vancouver, designed by Renaissance Interiors. The design uses 12 Interstyle glass tile colours, beautifully curated and inspired by the natural world, blended in a sophisticated and distinctive gradient using both glossy and matte finishes.

Lighthouse Park Pool Project Colors

Bringing your vision to life is simple when you use the Interstyle configurator. Start by choosing your tile size, pattern, and grout. Then select your colours, finishes, and textures, and adjust your colour percentages to see how your design works in different ways. The configurator will generate a quote and give you a preview of your design.

Lighthouse Park Pool Project Layout

This design featured 1”x1” glass tiles face-mounted in 12”x12” sheets assembled by our Robot-X technology. Very detailed guidelines made the installation easier too – each sheet was face-mounted and labeled.

Lighthouse Park Pool Project

Explore the configurator to begin planning your next pool design. Says Equizi, “Those who are looking for colour and inspiration are welcome to play with our online configurator, to discover the full range of Interstyle colours, play around with textures and finishes, explore patterns, and see how adjusting your ratios of each affects your overall design.”

Please note that quotes are estimates – contact us when you’re ready to take your next steps and we can provide a detailed quote, and answer any questions you may have.