Pool Tile Configurator - Manual Fill

Select Pattern
Select Size
Select Color


Aperture (only availabale in 1" x 1")

Glow in the dark

Select Grout


  1. Select layout pattern and tile size.
  2. Select the first tile colour.
  3. Select a grout color.
  4. Click ’Set Background Color!’ to set the base color for the mosaic.
  5. Click on a second color, and then click on a tile in the rendering. Continue clicking tiles to create a pattern.
  6. Select up to a total of 4 colors to create a mosaic.
  7. Clear the rendering at any time to start over.
  8. Download the final rendering as a PNG file before submitting the quote request to Interstyle (or the image will be lost).
  9. Submit the mosaic information to Interstyle and we will contact you to discuss the details.

*Aperture only availabale in 1” x 1”
**Finishes and textures only available in Marine palette.
**Please be aware that the rendering is only a representation of the color. Colors vary on different screens and from the actual tile.


Internet Explorer 8 and earlier versions not supported!
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