Pool tile installation Shore Lane

Pool Trim and Depthmarkers

The perfect finishing touch for your pool installation.

Hand-crafted pool trim for a perfect fit. Inside/outside coves, risers, non-slip finish and contrasting colors for high visibility.


Swimming Pool Trim 90 degrees

90 degrees

Swimming Pool Trim 75 degrees

75 degrees

Swimming Pool Trim 105 degrees

105 degrees

  • Swimming Pool Riser Tiles Riser tiles
  • Swimming Pool Step Tiles with Corundum (enhanced slip resistance) Step tiles with corundum (enhanced slip resistance)
  • Swimming Pool Outside cove trim, contrasting step markers Outside cove trim, contrasting step markers
  • Swimming Pool Inside Cove Trim Inside cove trim

Cove Sizes

  • Swimming Pool Inside Cove
    Inside cove
  • Swimming Pool Outside Cove
    Outside cove
  • Swimming Pool Corner Cove
    Corner cove

Depthmarkers and Signage

Swimming Pool Depthmarker

0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Swimming Pool Depthmarker


Swimming Pool No Diving Signage

No diving

Pool Trim and Depthmarkers

Pool Trim and Depthmarkers