Maple Ridge Community Mosaic

Public Art

Shapes + Custom Colors + Design = Unique Artwork
Tunney's Pasture Station Glass Tile Mosaic - Ottawa

Tunney’s Pasture Station

6000 sq ft – more than 1.000.000 glass tiles made by Interstyle. 108 custom colors. Customized pattern with a 30-degree angle matching the staircase.

Maple Ridge Community Mosaic

The artwork is fabricated from ~14,500 custom-made 2.5” triangular ceramic tiles. 12 custom glaze colors. Laid by hand and face-mounted with clear film.

Maple Ridge Community Mosaic
TTC Sherbourne Station Community Mosaic - Interstyle EarthenGlass

TTC Sherbourne Subway Station

Over 700 unique triangular patterns. 39 different hand-laid mosaic panels are located throughout Sherbourne station. Twelve colors used.

Vancouver Convention Centre

3200 square foot floor. 72 custom colors of tiles were created to complete a mosaic of half a million 1×1 floor tiles.

vancouver convention centre glass mosaic floor

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