Marriott Grand Chateau

Marriott Grand Chateau

Case Study

Project Name:
Marriott Grand Chateau

Las Vegas, NV

Van Dresser Company

A perfect signage application for a high end Hotel in Las Vegas.

The Marriott Grand Chateau needed to enhance the main entrance to their newest resort and opted to design an eye-popping motif in a glass mosaic tile as a back-drop to their signage. Working in close collaboration with the Interstyle Mosaic Design Group and ColorLab team, the result is a stunning of what can be achieved on a tight budget and fast turn-around.

The Process

Working off of a rendering provided by the project architects, the Interstyle designers role became on of interpreting the design aesthetic and translating it into a workable image to be printed, water-jet cut and preassembled for fast installation on site.

The drawing consisted of repeatable A and B sets of boards that combine to makeup the installation as a whole.

By mixing 2 colors with 2 textures, Dune and Sandstone and 2 finishes, Glossy and Matte, we were able to offer our client 6 variations of tile for each selected color.

rembrandt brown

van gogh yellow

Artisan Craft / RobotX technology

By blending hands-on artisan craft and the latest automated techniques, Interstyle is able create incredible installations at a fraction of the cost of traditional mosaics.

The overall process can be broken down by a simple step by step process, with finished artwork ready for install on site.

Calculate and manufacture the correct number of glass tiles to fully populate the design in Van Gogh Yellow and Rembrandt Brown and assemble boards in each color.

Water-jet cut the precise shapes of the graphic on each

Exchange the cut pieces on each board in it’s reverse color choice to create the pattern.

Finally the complete package is prepared for shipping to the site along with a simple layout and installation guide for each numbered and sorted panel.

Fast and easy installation on-site completes the process, resulting in an awe inspiring work of art.

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