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Glass Tile for Pools

Glass Tile for Pools

Interstyle glass tile is perfectly suited for swimming pools, fountains, spas and wet areas. Glass is impervious to water, resists chemicals, ultra violet damage and thermal changes.

Updated and refreshing pool palette with specialty mixes of color on glass.

Glass Tile Colors for Pools

Our unique, double-glazed glass tiles are incredibly durable!

We provide meshed pool assemblies, face mounted with clear high tack film for easy installation.

Exclusive depth markers, waterlines and coves from Interstyle.

Superior, enhanced slip resistant finish available.

Beautiful, sophisticated trim options to suit all requirements.

We can help you customize your design with Interstyle’s featured swimming pool palette. Intense deep shades, vibrant saturated hues and contrasting bright whites for all installation needs.

Only at Interstyle.

5 color Pool wallet

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