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Prized for it’s beauty, associated with gods, royalty and immortality, gold was the first metal widely used across early civilizations. From epic conquests and battles, to mystical alchemists and their potions, to modern economists and banks, it’s allure is timeless.

Use gold to make a universal statement, and bring a touch of exotic glamour to any room. You will discover that it blends as effortlessly with natural materials such as concrete and wood as it does with rich velvet and marble.

As many contemporary homes move towards a more neutral color palette of whites and grays, the opportunity to bring an exotic glint of gold is impossible to resist. Showcased in a darker, bolder space, even a small amount of gold will catch the light and bring a sophisticated warm glow.

Filigree… an exquisite blend of textured 24K gold and platinum tiles for the ultimate bling in glass surfaces. Hand-crafted by expert artisans, exquisite quality to the finish.

Gold Filigree

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